Five years from 800 million to 0 social networking platform Buddy Media success

earlier we have to get the message, Salesforces will use $745 million in cash and stock acquisition of social media marketing company Buddy Media, which is committed to help enterprises make better use of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platform for marketing, and most of the time, does not need additional advertising budget.

Buddy Media was founded in 2007, the company currently has more than 1 thousand corporate customers, including HP, MATTEL, Ford and other companies. Buddy Media for these companies to provide social networking marketing services.

The general manager of

James Altucher Formula Capital the current investment institutions, he is very understanding and deeply involved in the development of Buddy Media, his interpretation of the intrinsic reason of Buddy Media the company from 0 to $800 million was acquired from their own point of view.

1) it’s no exaggeration to say that without me, there would be no Buddy Media.

I just started Stockpickr

in 2007, Buddy Media founder Mike Lazerow sent me a letter to sell their mail, he was just himself founded’s $24 million bid to sell Time Warner, want to find something else to do, just like Stockpickr, he volunteered. That’s the message:

"I am a loyal fan of Stockpickr, it is a good site, I can let it become a category killer, as long as a small improvement. Please reply to us."

so I found him, he put forward many suggestions, I did, but what we have not reached a verbal or written agreement, Mike Stockpickr did not participate in the operation, they did not get any shares. After Stockpickr really became a category killer, it can be said that I stole the creative Mike.

I sold Stockpickr a few months later, but we’re still friends. This is the first step, I did not let him manage Stockpickr, which makes him have to think of a better plan.

[details see " The Stockpickr Was to out of Business – A of Friendship"]

Day; Going Story Go

2) Facebook potential

2007 CNBC launched a Faceboo>

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