WeChat subscription number 300 yuan to start the certification fee to obtain custom menu function

[TechWeb] December 24th news reports, WeChat public platform has recently upgraded more strict certification system, and start the WeChat certification program for non corporate media, government, charity and other types of subscription, subscription number operator pay account certification fee of 300 yuan a, through the authentication can be opened a custom menu function. The service number will be granted access to all interfaces in the advanced interface.

it is understood that the number of WeChat public support for all services, as well as the government, traditional media, celebrities and other non enterprise type subscription number for the new WeChat certification. The certification certification service fee 300 yuan, is the user for Tencent to provide qualified audit services and pay service fees, and the cost is a one-time, whether to apply for certification of success and failure to pay, and are required to pay for each application. However, the government and other organizations to some types of public accounts from this sum of the certification fee.

WeChat public

platform official said, in order to further standardize the operation platform and enhance the public account credibility, legitimacy of WeChat public platform to introduce third party professional audit institutions to verify the application enterprise / institutions and the right qualifications and authenticity of the certification application, therefore need to charge a fee to apply for auditing public accounts, as payment third party audit agency cost.

it is understood that after the success of WeChat public account authentication, the user’s account name, authentication and authentication information will be retained for one year. Users of the most late in the year after a successful completion of the annual evaluation in certification certification, annual certification audit fees need to be paid. If not through the annual certification, certification account name may be changed, the certification mark and certification information will be cancelled. (An Dong)

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