Tell the people in the disaster area the people of the whole country with you

May 12th, according to Xinhua news agency, Sichuan, 7.6 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan. The impact of the earthquake seems very wide, for example, according to the first reporter to incomplete statistics, Hainan, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Hubei, Beijing, Gansu, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia have different degrees of felt felt. In other words, not only is the earthquake people, many local people have quickly felt the occurrence of this natural disaster. In addition, the Internet, the relevant information was widely spread, so that more people will soon know the earthquake occurred.

can be said that this is a highly developed in the context of modern information. The earthquake since ancient times, not what is great, but in the past information closed, after the earthquake, will not cause such a large range of public opinion quickly rebound, the government can effectively control the dissemination of information and guide public opinion. Well, now the information is so developed, not only the earthquake itself quickly spread to many areas, and the Internet, mobile communications and other information spread rapidly to allow a wider range of people to understand the scourge. This is a place worthy of attention.

in natural disasters, correctly deal with the related information dissemination, is the country and the people’s blessing; towrong related information dissemination, is the national and people’s misfortune, even has the equivalent of "earthquake", will also give the disaster "one disaster after another".

The correct treatment of

related information dissemination, the first thing is to see the positive side, the rapid spread of this information, for example, it makes people around the masses quickly learned what was happening, avoid some unnecessary suspicion and fear; it is conducive to the rapid spread of earthquake emergency rescue and disaster relief, related knowledge of it; to help the disaster caused by people’s attention quickly, make people more quickly reach out to the disaster area, etc.. Therefore, the government departments should establish a rapid response mechanism, the use of this fast information channel, will immediately correct information out, make it become the mainstream of various torrent of information, and guide people to unite in disaster relief. People want to be good at the correct use of this information fast, for example, to remind friends and relatives of relatives and friends such as interrogation that disaster relief not to panic and so on.

The so-called

towrong related information dissemination, the first is irresponsible to spread, exaggerating the incorrect information, such as some people listen to a way that would have put their sound information quickly and tell what the other person is not wrong, but should pay attention to "three people into the tiger", do not exaggerate the disaster caused by not adding the trimmings the necessary public panic. Secondly, there are people "Lenovo is rich", to the earthquake and some feudal superstition groundless statement together, we should not. For example, what is the "ugly will have happened that the situation", this statement is not full twenty-first Century science times people say; and contact shortly before the Hubei Enshi pond water suddenly dried up like phenomenon to spread some rumors, and so on, this is extremely irresponsible the statement. As I said earlier

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