Liu Feng world’s first nternet evolution diagram

Internet evolution is a major discovery in the theory of Witkey development process, we first presented in the world and describes the Internet evolution theory, and the world’s first Internet evolution diagram drawing, this finding should be able to solve the Internet’s origin, evolution and the law of development.

Internet evolution (Internet Evolution Law), referred to as (IEL) refers to

the ultimate goal of the origin and evolution of the Internet is to achieve the full interconnection of the human brain, this goal has a strong pull force, and constantly guide the development and evolution of the internet.

a. Internet evolution diagram

1. From the history of human development, the progress of mankind is the history of the extension and connection of some key organs.


2. From 1753 C" M in the Scottish magazine on the current communication machine began, human use of 216 years for the birth of the Internet as a technical reserve


3.1969 years of the birth of the Internet, the first time the human brain to achieve the most primary networking


4. From 70s to early 80s, the Internet virtual brain began to take shape, with electronic bulletin boards, e-mail, FTP, the original game four functions.


5. From 80s to early twenty-first Century, electronic bulletin important news release – Pai, buy goods, mood feeling description, interactive quiz, hot post comments, the right to modify the registration information, exchange of goods, a separate index data, the formation of Internet virtual brain function area.


6. From the first ten years of twenty-first Century, the Internet’s four major functions – electronic bulletin board and its derivatives and e-mail, FTP, online games fusion.


7. Notebook computers, mobile phones, the emergence of wireless Internet, continue to extend the human brain and Internet access time.


8. Blog, e-mail and other functions to Witkey and further integration of the Internet, virtual neurons form brain mapping area. Synchronizing information with people in reality.


9. With the increase in Internet bandwidth, text, images, graphic operating system

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