The first personal information protection standard implementation of sampling site 56 next month str

China’s first personal information protection national standards will be implemented from February 1st. Ouyang Wu, deputy director of the Ministry of Information Security Coordination Department said yesterday that the introduction of the standard and the end of the implementation of the "scale based" history, means in the protection of personal information in the "minimum basis to do better".

it is understood that the national standard "information security technology, public and commercial services information system of personal information protection guidelines" issued in November 2012, is the national standard "technical guidance document", to use information processing system of personal information plays a role in guiding and regulating, the purpose is to improve the protection of personal information technology level, to promote the rational use of personal information.

"law is the minimum requirement, is mandatory, and this standard is voluntary, to some extent, it is higher than the requirements of the law." Ouyang Wu said.

for the standard of personal information, said Ouyang Wu, personal information and privacy are two different concepts, privacy is subjective, personal information objective.

he said, the most notable feature of the standard, is the personal information into the personal information and sensitive personal information, and put forward the concept of tacit consent and express consent, and personal sensitive information involving personal privacy.

according to reports, the Ministry of industry, China’s software evaluation center, will lead the organization of enterprises and industry associations jointly set up China’s personal information protection alliance".


sampling hundreds of websites of 56 "naked"

Beijing News (reporter Guo Shaofeng, Deng Qi) pumping domestic portal, marriage and other 9 categories of a total of 100 sites as a sample, there are no security measures for the 56 sites. Yesterday, the China Software Evaluation Center jointly with the Beijing University of Internet security technology Beijing Key Laboratory second times, the results of the external security evaluation of the site password".

laboratory senior engineer Gong Xiaorui introduced, compared with last year, there is no security measures to reduce the site 3, but still more than half. Domestic site security measures polarization is obvious, there are some sites do very well".

last year, the survey results show that the electronic commerce website in the sample have access to a user’s password, especially some users use the same password on different websites, greatly increased the risk of leakage of personal information. This year, the situation is still the same e-commerce website." Gong Xiaorui said, do a good job is the portal, e-mail and games and other mature operation of the site, and recruitment, marriage and other websites have serious security issues.

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