Stationmaster net post new rule tentative cancel all links

    network owners in the webmaster of love, the information has become the majority of owners will see every day, but there are also some problems. Every day there are 50-60 users to provide information, but most of the information with a number of links. Some are original, some are reproduced, but all with their own links. This resulted in 2 very serious consequences.
1  Baidu has completely shielded the Admin5 search weight. According to internal sources, it’s because we have too many internal links. Before Baidu also partially shielded DoNews and other information station)
2. browsing webmaster very disgusted with these links, a reprint articles, with links, or some really bad article, with links, from our webmaster network perspective, hoping to take care of all of the writers. Look at all the webmaster, try to meet your requirements. But you can not have it both ways.

1. We cancel all hyperlinks in the information. But you can keep the link inside the station, you can keep this type of description.
2. The original article, owners of larger repercussions, benefit from the larger, better quality of the article, each token reward $20- $50
3. Some related to the local nature, or short, or the nature of the transaction, ask the nature of the content IDC, please, union nature released to our forum if there is a corresponding plate, timeliness, and the value of the content, please contact the relevant person in charge of our. The following

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