One week news review Baidu search engine China Win10 build a national platform line

1 apple suffered a crisis of confidence: the App Store security vulnerabilities silenced

in the outside impression, closed ecosystem and strict censorship system, making apple devices seem to have a natural defense crisis barrier. But in fact, Apple’s security defense mechanism is more fragile than imagined.

2013, only took less than 30 seconds, the domestic white hat team KeenTeam on the remote break Apple’s latest operating system iOS7.0.3, get a picture of the phone. The hacker conference held in New York in 2014, security expert Jonathan · shows how to use; Zade Chhabra exists in the iOS background of the "back door" service, to extract large amounts of data from iPhone.

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Apple suffered a crisis of confidence: the App Store security vulnerabilities silenced  

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2 national anti trafficking platform on-line site visits 3 days to break 2 million 800 thousand

news September 21st, the national anti trafficking platform "national crackdown to save children’s tracing platform for announcement on September 19th officially launched today, is the site on the line for third days, as of press time, site traffic has exceeded 2 million 800 thousand times.

it is reported that the national anti trafficking children rescue platform, tracing the announcement by the Ministry of civil affairs website: ("national crackdown tracing" Chinese pinyin initials), used to rescue the children all existing crackdown information entered the platform, to help parents quickly find abducted children.

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The new trend of

circle, behind the rumor network platform crackdown what you don’t understand the web site  

new type of network marketing. 3 220 thousand members scattered hidden activities

after the first round of the September 15th sale today (September 22nd) morning, the Lianyungang police have uncovered a new large foreign network marketing case, the case involving 23 countries, involving up to 500 million yuan, more than 220 thousand people trapped.

this case, the origin of a MLM common lecture". Last September, a public told the Lianyungang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment police, he heard Wang et al lectures in the cafe, let the audience investment U money, because not sure.

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