Wang from the ADMN5 map of the State Council the default of one million home forum thought

in the afternoon in the ADMIN5 webmaster network forum to see the figure of the king’s post, the State Council has been the default of the domestic legal forum million, may change the electronic bulletin license system, and suddenly felt.


Wang cited Baidu news white paper: Chinese citizens enjoy full freedom of speech on the internet".


"China Internet status" white paper (Quan Wen) "


map of the king’s feelings.


can see that the king and everyone is still one mind.

since ancient times, there is a policy, there are countermeasures, the probability of the real implementation and how much?

is hoping to play some "across the board" Department – trust crisis warning; more concerns are consistent style – now a mere scrap of paper formation, "overkill" screwed things up, will not end, "a meeting to discuss about how to perform specific, and see how many years after a plan.

we still see the Internet that sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, now only.

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