There is no censorship and no censorship but the Utopia of the nternet is going to the other extrem

a month ago Silicon Valley engineer named Andrew Torba set up a so-called to achieve complete freedom of speech and declared that the social networking site, users in will not be banned or speak titles because the so-called "bad speech". Now Gab has more than 10 thousand users, but this place has become a racist and hate speech in the hardest hit.

Gab is currently only open invitation code registration, if there is no invitation code, you need to enter the mailbox on its home page waiting for the invitation. When I enter my e-mail address, the site shows that there are 58546 users are queuing.


Torba think Facebook and Twitter and other mainstream social networking site is the problem they are a group of hypocrisy of the left to control, so the user’s speech audit is very strict. He hoped that users can choose according to their own preferences on Gab to see what and do not want to see what.

Gab has taken a Quora/ know the trend of the arrangement, which means that users can support or oppose other people’s posts, and then the system will be based on the number of posts will be ranked in the ranks of the trend. At the same time, users can also reply and forward other people’s posts, and this is the same as the function of Twitter.

but for the so-called "full freedom of expression", the U.S. media is not very optimistic about. The magazine says it’s a gimmick made by a white racist group in the United States because they are the biggest source of hate speech on the social network. "The site looks like a white supremacist who took over the dystopian world after Twitter," said the link.

"we advocate a real, rational, open and honest discussion online," Torba said. "We want everyone to feel safe on the Gab, but we don’t know which is hate speech, what is not."

but the irony is that Gab advocates rational and open has failed to attract enough normal people, but is a racist, network mob are attracted to this platform, for example, just open a week tag on the Gab is #HillarysHealth and #HitlerPickUpLines.

then Torba Gab is accused of a white supremacist gathering responded: "if there is a centrist, progressive reformers, liberal or non political people want to join, we welcome."


Torba said so, but Gab users the political tendency is very obvious, that is, white supremacist support Trump, against Greek >

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