Online shopping prescription drugs to accelerate the lifting of the pharmaceutical retail reshuffle

    online sales of prescription drugs are expected to be broken shortly after breaking.

in May 28th, the State Food and drug administration to official website hang out "Internet food and drug supervision and administration management (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the draft), officially to the public for revisions. Booming pharmaceutical electricity supplier, which is undoubtedly a major policy favorable. But the line retail pharmacies worry, in total there will not be a large increase in the case of online channels, growth may squeeze line market share.

Analysis of pharmaceutical retail policy has long been engaged in

Liu Lei (a pseudonym) told the "daily economic news" reporter, the share of sales of medical institutions, retail pharmacy prescription is approximately 8:2, if the national release of Internet sales of prescription drugs, will cause no small impact on retail pharmacies in the short term, if the future really realize the separation of medicine, is may also affect the pharmacy of medical institutions.

pharmaceutical business clap

pharmaceutical electricity providers can not wait to share this policy dividend. Guangdong an unnamed pharmaceutical electricity supplier chairman to accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters call, this is a great good policy, after landing the pharmaceutical business and retail pharmacies standing on the same starting line, after the difference between the two ways to buy only.

the only difference is to buy drugs online or offline to buy the channel, for example, is to choose a bike or walk to buy medicine. Entity pharmacies and online pharmacies are responsible for the quality of drugs sold." The chairman pointed out that, for consumers, the advantages of pharmaceutical electricity supplier is that the price is convenient, all varieties, consumers can confirm the purchase order. For businesses, prescription drugs on the Internet, the price sensitive factors, price war may occur, consumers will reduce the cost of medication.

pharmaceutical business seven Lekang online pharmacy chairman Shi Zhenyang said earlier, although the online sales of prescription drugs in the actual operation there are still many difficulties, such as online prescription drug sales catalogue of electronic prescription, circulation, open online insurance and other issues, but the increase is bound to bring internet sales. With the implementation of the policy, this part of the market is very broad.

in the industry view, the online sale of prescription drugs is but the policy does not seem to represent the general trend, immediately landed. A national chain pharmacies electricity supplier department is expected to take at least 3 to 6 months to wait. Deputy director general Ren Guang Chinese online pharmacies says about the "daily economic news" reporter, the draft is to promote the performance of the market for prescription drugs, food and drug administration also need to negotiate with the Planning Commission, Social Security Bureau and other relevant departments, the policy really landing by industry environment and other conditions, it seems not so fast".

retail pharmacies fear losing cheese

, in contrast, is struggling to cope with the new version of "drug quality management standards" (hereinafter referred to as the new version of GSP certification) retail pharmacies are the dark clouds.

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