The 17 Putian independent footwear brand in Taobao officially started selling to copycat shoes

Putian shoes

[TechWeb] April 22nd news reports, "the transformation of high imitation shoes town" Fujian Putian "to the quality Chinese made", officially started selling 17 local independent footwear brand in the group’s Taobao, Juhuasuan this platform, hundreds of sports shoes are the world’s top big shoes from the same production line at the same time, Ali under the retail platform will be linked to the buyer seller implementation xianxingpeifu. It is understood that 17 independent brands first sale, Putian is screened out from more than and 300 independent brands, have high standard process. To think Weiqi vulcanization sole as an example, compared with the national standard must be higher than the sole 20 thousand bend standard, the sole was able to do 100 thousand bending; outdoor soles of rubber content Luo Chi is higher than 85%, while the national standard requirements for outdoor shoes is 40%.


group said, of all the included "China quality" brand, will be based on the strict access system and brand manufacturers signed a guarantee of quality, enhance the quality supervision, industry and commerce, the linkage of local public security and other government departments, the production and sale of the entire chain of joint supervision. Once the buyer initiated complaints about the quality of the shoes, Ali’s retail platform will be the linkage of the seller to the buyer in advance payment.

for the protection of the interests of consumers, the Alibaba announced the same day launched the first field certification "pilot" Chinese: all in matter "sellers must accept the verification of identity authenticity, living information, contact information for the sale of goods; the manufacturer’s name and address, supply chain information, warehouse location, delivery mode for registration the information will be synchronized to confirm; Alibaba and local industry and commerce, public security departments, by the three party joint supervision of enterprises.

data show that Putian has more than 2000 shoe-making enterprises, of which more than 250 Enterprises above designated size. Previously, many criminals use local perfect sports shoes industry chain "line of counterfeiting, online sales". The government of Putian and the Alibaba provides a new idea of fake, namely one hand to hand through a harsh crackdown, "China matter" project to support local independent brand transformation and upgrading.

in addition, the Alibaba group in the future will also be in Zhejiang Pinghu with combing and docking travel case, Guangdong Shunde, Guangdong Shantou kitchen electric toys and other important industries, promote enterprise restructuring and upgrading and innovation development. (Ming Yu)

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