The history of the largest technology company merger was born DELL completed 60 billion acquisitio

DELL announced the completion of the acquisition of $60 billion acquisition of EMC agreement, the largest merger in the history of science and technology was born.

new company will be named DELL Technology (Dell Technologies), is designed to become a one-stop commercial IT mall, the headquarters will be located in EMC, Hope Kingdon, massachusetts. The new business will focus on cloud services, and promote the integration of server and storage areas. On the other hand, EMC’s global desktop to Data Center Virtualization solutions leader VMware will continue to exist as an independent listed company.

is headquartered in Massachusetts, EMC is a commercial Hopkinton data storage products company with a history of 36 years, the market value of approximately $50 billion. Headquartered in Texas, and Landreau grams of DELL in 1990s with the cheap and customized notebook computer fame, DELL in 2013 for $24 billion 400 million to complete the privatization.

DELL and EMC merger is a response to the overall decline in the market for their core business. Computing center of gravity has shifted to mobile devices, servers and cloud computing.

according to IDC statistics and forecasts, PC shipments fell by 10.4% in 2016, will decline by more than $7.3% in 2015. On the other hand, the server, storage and network hardware market has been declining since 2014, is expected to decline by 1.4% in the next 4 years.

DELL and EMC merger will achieve the complementary advantages of both. As the world’s third largest PC manufacturer DELL products are very attractive for small and medium-sized enterprises, and storage products EMC is obtained due to large enterprises. Analysts believe that after the merger of the two companies, DELL will be able to sell more products to EMC customers.

Michael ·, DELL said, as the enterprise computing market turns to new technologies and cloud services, traditional servers and storage hardware market will be restructured. "We know how to win," he said. "We’ve proved it in the past, we’ll prove it again."

the deal, which was first announced in October 12, 2015, took almost 11 months to complete. DELL and its partners "(Silver Lake) investment group through the issuance of bonds for more than $40 billion financing. In addition, DELL also raised $5 billion through the sale of its IT services and software departments.

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