WeChat marketing torture with large data files

big data era, what can we do?

we restore a scene:

, a director of the hotel marketing department, open the hotel’s WeChat public platform to view detailed data statistics.

yeah, yes, after a period of publicity, all the staff of the hotel with the efforts, the number of people concerned about the public platform of WeChat finally broke through 5000 people, but also to increase the speed of 30 people per day.

ah? How did a dozen people cancel their attention yesterday?

he doesn’t like our hotel, or was it a promotional copy of yesterday ‘s push, and he was harassing his fans?

fans are God, users have the world. No, hurry up to be responsible for writing a copy of the small Liu to make a phone call, let him adjust the copy direction, reduce promotional information.

we then look down. Graphic information?

fans of the public platform has reached 5000 yesterday, after the text messages sent out, the number of reading is only more than 1 thousand and 800, the opening rate of less than 30%.

, as usual, the opening rate is slightly higher, can reach 40%. It seems that the problem is really graphic information.

look at the following share to forward the number: 96.

1800 people yesterday opened the graphics information, but the number of times to share the circle of friends is only 96, this data is a bit bleak.

needless to say: the problem is definitely on the copy.

next, let us look at the hotel produced WeChat membership card data.

WeChat membership card: WeChat membership card, which is equivalent to the virtual membership card inside WeChat, the traditional membership card issued by the business, after the conversion of electronic technology, docking platform in WeChat. When consumers scan the merchant’s two-dimensional code or pay attention to the public number of businesses, you can get an electronic membership card, and stored in WeChat, you can enjoy the discount and discount provided by businesses.

each WeChat member has a unique membership number. Even if the solution tied, when he once again pay attention to us, the number of members or the same.

sales supervisor looks at the statistics of the membership card data platform, there are about more than 2 thousand and 300 fans, the hotel has been specially created WeChat membership card.

produced a WeChat membership card, the direct benefits are: when the member into the store consumption, all the consumption records will have a data generation. These records include membership points, use, balance, and businesses and members can query this data. Including members can also advance payment, by credit, WeChat.

when the consumer generates consumption, the system will automatically send a micro signal to members of the consumer documents.

The head of the

Sales Department continues to look at the statistics, which have been frowned upon

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