2007 China webmaster circle of the 5 most cattle personal blog

1. stone interaction: (www.dunsh.org)

play SEO friends may not do not know this blog it, here is not much to say

selected reasons: the highest level of SEO blog.

2. search engine optimization SEO every day a paste: (www.chinamyhosting.com/seoblog)

or ZAC is cattle, home page PR is 4, blog page PR is 5, but this is not cattle, the most cattle is his long domain name, why? Because other people can not remember, even remember, the name is also difficult, simply on their own site to give him a link, click on the entry. PR and weight is so up.

selected reasons: the actual content of the strongest, most will increase the chain blog.

3. Yang Fan site planning blog: (www.ccyyw.com)

this blog is not only attractive, but also the conversion rate is the highest in all blogs, according to the group of friends said that this blog can bring Yang Fan about 700000 RMB per year. As for how to convert, we have to go to a lot of research!

selected reasons: conversion rate, the most profitable blog.

4. Moonlight blog: (www.williamlong.info)

technology origin of the webmaster, when the blogger encountered a procedural aspects of the problem, the mind is the first to think of this – Moonlight blog. Moonlight in the past few years has also helped a lot of bloggers, friends can also be described as the first of the old blogger.

selected reasons: technology, passion for a blog.

5. sea water personal website: (www.1.net.cn)

I know this blog is in search of a very popular keywords, it ranked in the first place, this is not the most cattle is his name, I don’t think I have to say you will suddenly remember. Really want to ask how much this domain can sell.

selected reasons: domain name most cattle blog.

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