Judging from the development trend of Taobao Taobao customer network


Internet CPS, nearly two years of Ali mother Taobao customers in the face of this trend more and more domestic webmaster and some fast Amoy friends joined Taobao customers, how to allow users to quickly find useful information in the customer value in Taobao, the Taobao customer promotion and technology exchange information platform in addition to the Ali Mama official itself outside the community, hard to find a better. Many owners in the process of Taobao passenger battalion choose professional exchanges Taobao site very little.

day before, to create the most authoritative public China Taobao customers to promote technology exchange platform and information platform for the strategic goal of Taobao passenger network (www.taobaoke.org), its basic position is "Taobao customer information ‘+’ · trading exchange community;"".


passenger network is a professional Taobao customer information exchange platform, polymerization of the latest Taobao customer information, customer profitability and Taobao professional promotion information guide, let e-shop.if in the first time it is convenient to obtain the information, Taobao become the guest a good helper. This is more than half a year more than half of Taobao customers feel. Feel Amoy friends too need this information, Ali mother community can not meet.

The establishment of Taobao

passenger assistance platform, by their own strength, obviously can not help all Taobao customers to promote the friend, must set up a platform for mutual. Taobao passenger network is set up. So Taobao set up a bridge between customer network and webmaster, from the Taobao customer network perspective, provides a way for Taobao to release information off them, from the webmaster’s point of view, is to provide a good place for them to learn.

Taobao customer trading potential

We found that Taobao

passenger network TK community also launched a Taobao customer transaction based Trading Forum, Taobao provides a customer transaction data, Taobao paid off source technical services is closely linked with the Taobao customer commodity trading platform, he believes that the Taobao customer market is still in the blank. But the transaction demand is huge, Taobao customers between large and small transactions, many are relying on friends, there is a big risk of trading.


passenger network TK community to become the most influential authority Chinese Taobao customers trading platform, and authoritative intermediary media; become a webmaster trustworthy trading community; the transaction before the first Taobao TK passenger network community to browse the latest transaction, spare time, soak in the TK community and exchange ideas with prawns.

no doubt, in order to "Taobao customer information information ‘+’ transaction · exchange community," the combination of the decision of the future development of Taobao passenger network has broad market prospects. Its pattern is very clear, the guest network development direction of Taobao is the Taobao customer information, transaction, exchange, Taobao passenger network unremittingly innovation on its website, has always maintained its leading position in the field of Taobao customer information.

in accordance with the development plan, Taobao customer network was

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