Zhang Jindong restructuring Suning retail industry is at a critical juncture in history


industry cost growth offset consumption growth, online shopping channel diversion line, low quality and high speed development of logistics and distribution, substantial decline in the effectiveness of large retail enterprises, electricity supplier business losses." Zhang Jindong said that China’s retail industry is at a critical juncture in history.

"line of tens of millions of businesses in the Red Sea, the size of blood to fight disorderly competition. China’s retail industry is at a critical juncture in history." February 21st, held in Nanjing, a new strategic conference, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning described the status quo of China’s retail industry.

, in his view, the retail cost growth is offset by the growth rate of consumption, while online shopping channels are also constantly with the dividing line, logistics and distribution of low quality of high speed development, retail enterprises large business enterprise efficiency decline, universal loss, a disadvantage is the industry into a quagmire.

, the industry is only one of the number of information services, advertising search service providers lucrative electricity providers, logistics service providers to maintain sales growth." Zhang Jindong tight eyebrows, said 2013 Suning must change the status quo of the retail industry, into the transformation speed, fast track across the fission.

on the day of the conference, Suning announced large-scale organizational restructuring, before the independent nature of the company’s suning.com back to headquarters system, into the operating headquarters of electronic commerce, and chain operating platform, the headquarters of the commodity business headquarters, formed three new architecture business group, 28 division, 60 a large area.


Significant changes in the

Su Ningxin architecture is suning.com’s original purchase function was back to the group commodity business headquarters, the Department responsible for the unified management of all kinds of goods, no distinction between online and offline purchase.

and suning.com (i.e. e-commerce business headquarters) business management will focus on the business platform, the establishment of local life department, business department, business department, cloud application digital products division, division and other departments of the new financial products.

Suning group will be divided into the product entity, content, service class three, business applications, digital video, games, music and other content products and local life, business services, financial services and other service products, has become the core of suning.com.

cloud business is what?

, did you get my new card?." At the end of the conference, Zhang Jindong offered Sina a new name card name card, he pointed to a word read "Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd."

two days ago, Suning announced by the name "Suning" to "Su ningyun" to the outside world surprised many people by this new term in the cloud". Due to the total number of hundreds of thousands of Suning employees, covering most parts of the country, the headquarters of the spirit of a difficult

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