Anti pornography office bulletin 5 key cases will carry out a net 2015

national pornography office 28, informed the 5 from selling pornographic publications and network information of key cases. Some of these cases have been recently sentenced, and some are still being investigated. National pornography Office of the relevant responsible person said will continue to remain on the production and sale of spreading pornographic publications and network information activities of pressure against the trend, last year launched the net net 2014 special action on the basis of the continuation of the "net net 2015 special action, and severely punish crime against the wind, the dissemination of pornographic information production problems Internet companies, focus on remediation of" micro field ", a new carrier of pornographic information.

Fujian Xiamen "3· 31" network dissemination of pornographic materials case. March 2014, the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment found in the supervision of Xiamen three sites suspected of disseminating pornographic information. March 31st, Xiamen City Cultural law enforcement, public security departments arrested the suspect Huang Jun. The investigation, since March 2013, Huang Jun established "" pornographic websites, continue to upload pornographic video 489, pornographic pictures 292. In the same year in October, with its users to establish,, three pornographic websites, and rely on the release of illegal advertising profit. In October 2014, Xiamen’s Huli District People’s court to the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials Huang Jun was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and fined 5000 yuan, recovered 4700 yuan of illegal income.

Tianjin free travel Military Academy Forum Website Dissemination of pornographic materials case. In March 2014, the Tianjin Public Security Bureau East through online inspections, found a site suspected of spreading pornographic information, then the site for remote inspection, 1057 articles from the website of the 844 articles containing pornographic content. After investigation, the website maintenance terminal is located in Hedong District of Tianjin City, Song Xiaobo maintenance. Song Xiaobo under the pseudonym "Tianjin chief instructor" management "free military forum" Chinese website, in 16 months forward with pornographic content posts more than 1000. April, the police arrested the suspect Song Xiaobo. December 2014, Hedong District People’s court in Tianjin to spread obscene crime sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years Song Xiaobo.

Guangdong, Guangzhou, "8· 11" case of obscene pornographic discs. In August 11, 2014, according to reports, the Guangzhou municipal cultural market comprehensive administrative law enforcement corps in conjunction with the Baiyun District public security, law enforcement departments of culture, Baiyun District Baiyun Avenue on a rented warehouse have been raided, seized 1699 illegal CD 499819, of which 215 169204 copies of pornographic discs. November 2014, the police arrested the suspect Huang moumou. After investigation, the case involving Huang Moumou and other 4 suspects, some illegal CD from Guangdong, Guangxi and other places of regular CD manufacturers. At present, the case is still under further investigation.


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