Double eleven mobile electricity supplier outbreak a new round of traffic control war

"double eleven" online shopping festival in 24 hours, Alibaba, mobile terminal turnover reached 24 billion 300 million, 4.54 times last year mobile transactions, the total turnover of 42.6%; the amount of single mobile Jingdong also accounted for more than 40%, a single volume is 8 times over the same period last year.

business school this year also conducted a "real-time monitoring data of the double eleven", different from the only Taobao Tmall Ali monitoring platform, the business school specimens were covered with ALI, Jingdong and other mainstream platform and bank business platform, independent B2C website, basic data and data with ali. The business school marketing center general manager Liu Jinguang said that the mobile terminal turnover of more than 3 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for 36.89%, although slightly lower than Ali published data, but an equally sharp growth. He said that many large businesses have more than PC mobile terminal sales side.

obviously, not only is the platform, businesses, third party service providers and other electricity supplier industry are accelerating the transformation of the mobile internet. The mobile Internet era, the electricity supplier is the first attempt will be one of the cash flow of the industry, especially in this year, WeChat is the first open interface WeChat open shop mode, then launched its own WeChat store has just completed the project; listed Jingdong have also entered the WeChat and Q; pat Network immediately launched the micro shop platform; in October, Ali launched Amoy shop tools.

at the same time, the industry also started the influx of capital, October, pocket shopping announces $350 million C round of financing, investors include HCapital, Vy, Capital, DST, Tiger Fund and Tencent, the Tencent to invest $145 million, accounting for the proportion of shares amounted to 10%. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter, the amount of micro shop mobile company by send $30 million investment in the establishment of the confirmed amount of product development for Pei Dapeng to accept the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter interviewed recently did in promoting the financing plan, the specific circumstances of the inconvenience to disclose. Coupled with the rise of the previous focus on WeChat’s pocket pass, in the capital boost, these players become another mobile power supplier.

business school vice president count three Yong said, PC traffic bonus era ended, businesses get increasingly high cost of traffic, on the other hand, the development of mobile Internet and the emergence of new traffic in the mobile terminal users spend time is far higher than the PC side, the flow rate is more high. But he also said that the mobile Internet has its own characteristics, such as flow fragmentation, small screen, social, therefore, directly to the traditional shelf mode copied obviously is not the best choice, are currently in the stage of exploration.

multi mode

from the current data, the amount of mobile terminals to achieve more in the form of client, such as mobile phones, such as Taobao. This is also the early domestic several major electricity supplier platform in the mobile terminal of the first attempt.

but this model is regarded as a simple copy of the PC side, is not suitable for mobile Internet, from the future trend, the electricity supplier must be combined with the depth of the mobile Internet, restructuring electricity supplier model. >

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