Online shopping has become a new online shopping guide career

with the continuous prosperity and development of e-commerce, online shopping has become a part of modern life. According to Taobao’s official data show that only registered on the Taobao shopping crowd has reached more than 140 million. Because of the benefits of online shopping is more high, consumers do not have to run to and fro can comprehensive comparison of various consumer goods price variety, of course, the biggest advantage is the price is much cheaper than the store.

of course, anything weilibiweibi, online shopping also has some disadvantages, because its security is not high enough, such as gullible buy fakes, so we must have the ability of online shopping must distinguish between true and false. Even Ma also lamented China’s fake can not avoid, if you can shut down the fake Taobao, then you can turn off the Taobao tonight, indicating that Ma’s aversion to the fake and helpless.


online shopping is very developed, a superb collection of beautiful things online shops, but it is undeniable that part of the shop provides fake property profiteering. So if you want to know which store the goods of good quality, which stores a high degree of credibility, in which the couple can Amoy to their favorite baby is not an easy thing, a lot of friends in order to pick out a satisfactory pick dazzled can not find their own satisfaction with the goods, which takes time again, a waste of energy, engage in physical and mental fatigue.

this time on the Internet appeared in the online shopping crowd service website, network shopping came into being. Network shopping guide is also a generation name called Taobao off, the so-called Taobao Taobao popular terms is to help promote the sale of goods in accordance with the results of the Commission and the commission. According to Taobao official data show that Taobao is currently involved in the promotion of the site owners about 500 thousand people per month. The network shopping guide website, to meet the needs of some people online shopping, online shopping to help people find the baby feel fully satisfied. As far as I know, the network shopping guide has become the new darling of the modern electronic commerce, known as one of the three hundred and sixty new network.

who learned in the interview, online shopping crowd in online shopping is not satisfied with the main reasons for the two aspects: a cheap. Some criminals in online transactions often use consumer "cheap" mentality, take a free gift, "seckill" low price behavior to attract the attention of consumers, and then through the "phishing" requirement, advance payment and other way so that consumers fall into the trap of losses. The two is through the Alipay payment directly to the payment paid to the other bank account, the money two empty.

so I suggest no online shopping experience of a friend can make purchases through the choice of the third party guarantee regular website, also can buy products through some shopping guide website, of course, some netizens said on these sites through shopping can buy to ease the goods full of doubt, has many years of experience in online shopping to yingzi said some of her secrets: as long as the choice of a good shopping guide website, you can rest assured that shopping, not whether it is fake or phishing sites and worry.

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