Decryption enterprise EDM marketing program design skills

with the enterprise email marketing more and more enterprises choose to recruit talent, EDM EDM, marketing message design and so on, but from the current one to see the situation, many enterprises are not very good in order to achieve the desired effect, including why after their EDM can not get good feedback, sometimes even being considered spam and waste of resources! How to design good EDM marketing plan is crucial for the entire process of EDM, is also a key point of enterprise marketing success or failure of subsequent EDM, several reasons below that perhaps you do EDM enterprise will love

1, if you give customers more value: enterprise marketing now emerge in an endless stream, saying there is fear of products, products sold, for customers, I will choose my product, I value of more products, even if you can let me have the feeling of cardiac products but this kind of feeling, heart! Is established on the basis of value! In your mail, you give to the client is a simple product introduction or to use some properties of product descriptions, the advantages and disadvantages between products, especially selling you? Do you have any of your product from the customer’s perspective very good, make the product more friendly to customers? It should let you pay attention to your products, pay attention to the value of your offer.

Potential customers

2, understand, analyze your registered customers, maintaining a high level of your customers! The three customers do business EDM for each friend is throughout the whole process, you need to understand your potential customers before they love, what kind of products, what to pay attention to what you want. Must be clear, at least you know where they are, you have to send your e-mail to where they love, including what kind of mailbox mostly, such as Gmail or 126 or 163 mailboxes, hope enterprises will not feel upset! Analyze your registered customers to tell the enterprise must know who your customers are, and how to deal with these customers, this is the follow-up maintenance of customer premise, in the market, they are your God and your enemy, the enemy can more Good service, let the customer to give money! I think that all enterprises should pay attention to your customer, why is the senior customer not your ordinary users, because in the 28 game, you maintain the old customers, customer will bring you a chance of survival, and rising space! Regardless of the customer at what stage, you need to segment your customers


for different levels, different stages of the customer should pay attention to the use of different preferential ways and strategies, but also relatively competitive, you might ask what is the Department of competitive, here is a simple example: you give new customers registered 200 yuan reward store coupons, but you give the old customer is not is 200 yuan coupons, whether can give them more concessions such as old customers can even buy one get one. For your customers, a flexible, competitive and attractive strategy is to let him

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