Baidu C2C coaching market share of less than 1% e commerce in the first battle before victory

October 2007, Alibaba listed on the eve of the sudden announcement of Baidu to enter the C2C e-commerce. At that time, Baidu bold, graduated from the Communication University of China, the 24 year old Li Mingyuan took the helm, served as general manager of Baidu has ah.

over three years in Taobao." Three years later, Li Mingyuan was the rhetoric ringing in the ears, but he has sadly resigned.

March 10th, Baidu officially disclosed, Baidu has general manager Li Mingyuan for personal reasons have applied for leave. Baidu has appointed Cai Hu, former general manager of Baidu alliance.

Baidu has ah Huanshuai

Li Mingyuan leave the news, as early as a week ago began to spread in the industry. The reason, there are people familiar with Baidu will be attributed to the internal factional struggle.

"Baidu’s internal factional strife is serious, Li Mingyuan is not the core of the ruling party." The source told reporters that since June 2009, after the resignation of vice president of Baidu products more than the army, Li Mingyuan was recruited into the army has begun to be marginalized. It is proven that when the reporter interviewed Li Mingyuan on Baidu’s former executives, many of them have not expressed shock and regret. Another industry sources, Li Mingyuan as early as the end of last year has quietly pave the way for resignation."

but the above statement, has not yet been positive verification. March 10th, the reporter called Li Mingyuan, his phone has been shut down.

The company behind the

true and false political rumors, Baidu has ah in the market almost no contribution, it is an indisputable fact. According to Analysys International Statistics show that as of the third quarter of 2009, Baidu has ah turnover accounted for a market share of less than 1% C2C.

Baidu has officially launched on October 2008, when the initial Chinese is positioned to become the largest personal online trading platform, directly challenge. In September 2008, with Taobao even by shielding Baidu search and other measures to fight back. However, after a lapse of one year, Baidu has less than 1% of the market share and Taobao’s market share of more than 80%, it is negligible.

innovation lacks

, a senior analyst at Analysys International Cao Fei said: "Baidu has ah management team while trying to launch the application and mode of the new innovation, but pay more attention to detail, soon to be imitated by competitors, making it difficult to catch up with or surpass competitors."

Baidu has to do is to do the concept of products in e-commerce, and constantly improve the user experience, but grasp the small amplification, there is no real understanding of e-commerce is the core of the pulse of the market." Le ah network CEO Li Qiyuan analysis, the product is very important, but the market is more fundamental.

insiders believe that in order to innovate for the life of the Internet industry, no one is looking forward to innovative technology and applications, and Baidu is really lack of innovation.

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