A brief analysis of the drawbacks and problems of Amoy Japan

June 1st, a day in the online shopping platform across the "Amoy Japan" and "China mall" online at the same time, the Alibaba’s taobao.com and Softbank group, YAHOO Japan together to build a cooperative project, this event marks the Alibaba officially expand overseas market. According to reports, whether Chinese "Amoy" or Japanese online shopping participants, cross-border transactions in the "Amoy Japan" and YAHOO Japan "Chinese mall", only need to complete the sale will be in accordance with their respective domestic trading patterns. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws and customs of the two countries, the transaction required to pay tariffs. Taobao’s products will also be directly in the form of Japanese YAHOO in Japan, China Mall, while YAHOO Japan’s Japanese goods will also appear in the form of Chinese Taobao Amoy japan.

Amoy Japan is China’s high-end consumer groups to build a one-stop shopping platform for Japanese consumer goods. So this is the majority of users sought after, the door can not buy authentic, high quality of Japanese goods, but due to the elimination of purchasing links, "Amoy Japan" Japan’s cosmetics, clothing, electrical appliances, digital and other goods will be cheaper. Although the direct purchase of Japan is more convenient, but so far, scouring the Japanese trading volume is relatively not particularly satisfactory. This is not associated with the current drawbacks of scouring japan.

goods 1 kg freight up to 100 yuan logistics transportation costs relative to the domestic more expensive

Amoy Japan’s digital goods, luxury watches, international brand-name clothing, cosmetics and other domestic brands in Japan and other high-end products than the domestic price is relatively cheap, even if the freight is also more affordable. And in Amoy Japan can also buy a number of domestic models are not publicly available. This is still a comparative advantage for Amoy japan. However, for those who buy low-end products buyers, it is a threshold. For example, for the purchase of clothing in the miss taojapan settled on a 220 yuan worth of Siamese skirt, but the goods sent to China freight as high as 100 yuan, while the purchase of goods in the domestic express delivery is 12 yuan, the buyers desire to buy will be greatly reduced, finally may turn to the domestic purchase of Taobao.

buyers and sellers communication inconvenience translation mechanism to be improved


in the domestic purchase of goods with the Ali Wangwang instant chat software, the software by both parties can be very good for communication, so the goods, modify the postage, customer service consulting service and other infrastructure problems can be resolved in a timely manner. Considering on the two party language differences, "taojapan" does not provide a similar chat software, both buyers and sellers are consulting by sending EMAIL to the third party customer service, customer service and then back to the translation by both parties. This process not only takes time and effort, but also allows buyers and sellers to communicate in a timely manner. Moreover, "Amoy Japan" and "China Mall" on the goods are translated by machine and machinery, the language is not ideal mood. This lack of context of mechanical translation also needs to be improved.


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