Large scale financing events nternet car really broke out

April 12th, Shanghai Internet car platform "wheel" announced the completion of the C round of financing, B round of last year had not been announced, two rounds of financing totaling 550 million yuan, 2 billion 400 million yuan valuation. This round of investment investment for the capital, Cape of Good Hope, Xin Yi Jing Lin, SAIC and brix macro investment.


LED is easy, Xin Fangyi capital Tencent and Jingdong joint venture automobile finance investment fund.

According to the wheel

founder Wu Feng said, this round of investment since the establishment of fifth wheel Internet financing, in the angel round, A wheel and A+ wheel, the wheel has won the angel investor Ceng Liqing, BITAUTO, Jiayu, Jun and BAI and other aspects of the investment. Wu Feng to Sina Technology, said that since its inception, the total financing of nearly $100 million.

dividend policy multi gold market


wheel to obtain large-scale financing, and is closely related to national policy change on driving and driving.

at the end of 2015, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transportation jointly issued "on the self-study exam point straight motor vehicle driver’s license notice", before the rumors for a long time, Internet plus driving mode boots landing. In April 1st this year, "the Ministry of public security on the modification of < the motor vehicle driver’s license and the provisions of the use of >" the decision of the official implementation of "self Zikao" to get a driver’s license to be enforced.


policy is clear, so many domestic around the "Internet plus driving mode of venture capital market and began to receive attention.

in fact, China has become the world’s largest driving training market.

in February this year, the Oriental fashion successfully listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, becoming the first A stock market driving stocks". According to its prospectus disclosure, the main business of Oriental fashion driving training services for motor vehicles, the business revenue accounted for up to 99%. 2012~2014, Oriental fashion operating income was 700 million yuan, $962 million and $1 billion 283 million, net profit of 194 million yuan, respectively, $297 million and $268 million.

in addition, the Oriental fashion prospectus also disclosed the number and market share data, the Beijing based Oriental fashion in 2012~2014 years, the number of students accepted in Beijing were 155 thousand and 900 people, 190 thousand and 300 people and 236 thousand and 700 people, share were 19.96%, 23.05% and 25.54% in the Beijing market.

prospectus data show not only the concept of driving the first unit of the market strength, but also revealed that due to the qualification and geographical aspects of segmented driving training market, great potential.

according to the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau released data show that as of the end of November 2015, the number of driving has reached 320 million, the number of ranked first in the world, and is expected to 2020, driving the number will reach 470 million. Among them, in 2015 the number of drivers nationwide breakthrough 300 million mark. Study on

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