CCTV Jingdong set the terms of the king wanted to return so difficult

Guangdong Feng in Jingdong proprietary goods, spent 700 yuan to buy a Casio for his wife, after receiving the goods to try, feel ill apply for return. But Jingdong does not support seven days no reason to return on the grounds of refusal.

[heavy exposure! Ignore national laws and regulations set up Jingdong in terms of overlord want to return ye so difficult?] Guangdong, Mr. Feng Jingdong in the import of goods, spend 700 yuan to buy his wife a Casio, receiving try, feel inappropriate and then apply to return. But Jingdong does not support seven days no reason to return on the grounds of refusal. But Mr. Feng learned: according to the new consumer law, watch is not in the four categories of products can not be 7 days no reason to return a list of Jingdong, this is to ignore state laws and regulations, set up the threshold.

Mr. Feng

Guangdong Shunde plans on the Internet for his wife to buy a watch, after selection, he took a fancy to a lady in the Jingdong CASIO electronic mall.

Mr. Feng consumers: after all, I am also an old customer in Jingdong, to support cash on delivery, if not appropriate can be returned.


soon, Mr. Feng spent more than and 700 yuan to buy this watch on arrival. From the exterior, the CASIO mall and Jingdong to describe the female form but try as like as two peas, his wife several times, feel uncomfortable wearing.

Mr. Feng consumers: his wife tried again, feel inappropriate, let me back, and then change the other table.

so, Mr. Feng put forward to return to the Jingdong mall, but after the return of the application, so that he was unexpected: the return of the customer service was canceled!

Mr. Feng: consumers feel rather baffling, that my watch does not support the return, I immediately called the Jingdong, their customer service also back to my two phone calls, said not retreat, I can not say how, after all there are seven online shopping days, Taobao can Jingdong, why not? He said they watch. Is not supported.

Feng learned: according to the new consumer protection law stipulates that watches are not in the 7 days no reason to return, the list of the four categories of products, how can not retire it?

he hastened to contact the phone and Jingdong mall customer service.

(call) Jingdong mall customer service: I understand your problem, Mr. Feng, but watch no quality of goods can not handle the subsequent return service, you may need to understand, here I am sorry, no way to meet your needs.

Jingdong mall explained that watch class online shopping products do not support 7 days no reason to return.

does not return, the money is not a replacement can be


: can you change the money for another watch?

customer service: sorry, no way.

Mr. Feng

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