4 Adsense industry website jointly build the first recruitment platform for the nternet industry

dig shellfish network October 26th news first focused on the Internet industry recruitment website talent nest (www.rencaiwo.com) test on-line. The official announced that the station involved in the development and operation of Internet site promotion.

according to the talent Wo official revealed that the table is composed of a China station (jz123.cn), and (dedecms.com), PHP100 network (php100.com), webmaster helper nets (linkheper.cn) is a network platform for a service of four service in the webmaster industry media jointly launched recruitment in the Internet industry, to solve the difficult employment and small owners network recruitment difficult problem.

to dig the nets to edit the connection of the talent nest relevant person in charge of this platform also discussed the related issues.

official responsible person said: the launch of this platform is the trend for reasons of enterprise and individual company network is more and more clear, and the practical experience of the talents is more and more scarce, some large domestic recruitment threshold is relatively high, can not meet the needs of enterprises of small and medium-sized webmaster and Internet, so I created this platform is a new attempt.

on the operating cost and the question of whether would like a major recruitment site burn, said the person in charge: talent talent nest nest is composed of several business owners in Shanghai station jointly launched, we will also use each station resources to do the integration, because all stations are developers and webmasters groups, so we the cost will be very small, we are not ready to burn, down to the station and

network company to do service, strive to build a network of the best job recruitment platform.

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