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we understand Maslow need hierarchy theory in addition to the five basic levels of his understanding, I think the key is behind the five levels reflected in our consumer behavior research is of great significance to the conclusion:

The basic needs of

(1) is a progressive

The five basic needs of

general servant is progressive, before the low level needs are not met, high levels of need is not generated. For example, a still small ordinary white-collar subsistence struggling hard to produce the need for self realization, for a small white-collar workers like this, you can meet him out to the self realization of "super leadership" course is not reliable. But we must note that this order will have exceptions, such as in the Anti Japanese War, because of the special environment, also can produce the need for self realization in the security needs of the revolutionary martyrs and even the basic physiological needs have not been met, it is worthy to study.

(2) people’s desire is endless

as long as the needs of the lower levels are met, the needs of the high level will be produced immediately, and will be endless. Whether we are a kind of what kind of business model, to improve constantly innovation, continuous improvement, and our consumers are not satisfied, if you want to achieve long-term customer loyalty, only by constantly provide added value to consumer satisfaction.

has second meanings, we must understand the desire of people is inexhaustible, once the low level needs to be met, it will produce high levels of need, the ancient Chinese had a thought that the poet had such a poem, I feel better than Maslow’s hierarchy of needs embodies the characteristics of human nature:

run around all day only for hunger, a full party will think the clothes;

and two all have, and Scarlett Jiaorong beauty wife;

married a beautiful wife, all of a sudden, hate no field less foundation;

bought the garden is more broad, access to the ship less horse riding;


slotted head bolt mules and horses, with no official being bullied;

chief registrar also too small, the dream of hanging purple;

one day for a product, but also think of mountains and rivers to hide the emperor base;

dream come true for the emperor, and Scarlett ever-young;

for the ever-young medicine, to compete with the Jade Emperor;

to the hearts of men, but Nanke dream.

(3) people’s basic needs are divided into advanced and low-level

The first three basic needs of

belong to the needs of the lower level, for these purposes, only through the external conditions can be met. In general, this type of commodity (necessities, housing, social products, etc.) requires only

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