Alibaba rate 100 star small enterprises Baotuan on CCTV

is the world’s leading e-commerce platform, small business Alibaba spokesman yesterday (July 5th) announced that the star will lead the domestic small enterprises attack "China manufacturing" brand war, to comply with the conditions of the customer can be obtained with the Alibaba, a group in CCTV prime time promotion opportunity.

since last year, small businesses have paid attention to the construction of their own brands, but the thin profit so that we can not easily put advertising." Xiao Chen, general manager of Beijing Oriental Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., said the company was founded at the beginning of a number of ads in the industry, a small number of cognitive Zhang Lianjun.

at present, the domestic small businesses more than 3000, but has its own brand of small businesses less than 20%, the brand is a common problem faced by small businesses.

at the cost of more and more transparent today, increase the added value of the brand, service for small enterprises is particularly important, help brand product sales and occupy the market, after the formation of a certain degree of visibility and reputation, the enterprise can use the brand to expand the market, stabilize the price of the product, to avoid price war, to help the market segmentation and the development of new products, maintain a competitive advantage.

it is reported that the amount of the amount of CCTV advertising companies are in a million or more, if in prime time, but also to multiply the cost, no doubt small businesses can not afford.

small business Alibaba pain is pain, if only a little of their own strength, apparently unable to achieve promotion in CCTV, Alibaba is willing to integrate their own resources, to jointly promote the implementation of brand led small businesses." Alibaba China division official said.

according to reports, this year the Alibaba "small business brand war" will integrate a golden section including CCTV and other media resources of the network, rate of hundreds of small companies hold together. Prior to this, Alibaba has successfully led the country nearly a thousand small businesses at a very low price group unveiled the fiery world expo private museum.

"we put the small business together, with a mission to do what they want to do the things they want to do, do not do not want to do a single small business, or do not, we put him together, together, together we do a thing." Alibaba public relations department said that small businesses can hold together a huge burst of energy.

as a small business spokesman of the Alibaba, hope that through the polymerization of many small enterprises, many things to hold together a way to do a single small enterprise, individual enterprises to make inconvenience, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between small enterprises, small enterprises realize self management, self service and sustainable development.

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