Guangzhou customs started Cross border implementation details of the new deal has been finalized

news March 14th, on cross-border tax reform deal news after another round of debate and speculation, finally came to listen to. A person close to the customs to disclose billion state power network, a meeting to finalize the implementation details of cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal before the date of the Guangzhou customs (including the scheme of comprehensive tax levy and positive list system), and points out that the Guangzhou customs will be officially launched e-commerce cross-border trade import unified version of the clearance platform in April 8th (i.e. general version of the general system) the customs will, and he in the next 3 months (i.e. July 8th) on the line.

the source told billion state power network, the switch is doing business in Guangzhou customs bonded BBC online shopping business companies version 2, switching this system required to be completed before March 31st. A unified version of e-commerce cross-border trade import clearance platform (hereinafter referred to as the "unified version of the system") officially launched in April 8th, Guangzhou customs to carry out business enterprise must be in a month (before May 8th) switch.

it is reported that from the beginning of April 8th zero, new data received by the customs official unified version of the system is calculated according to the new tax system (i.e. single limit of less than 2000 yuan of goods, temporary tariff rate is 0%, value-added tax and consumption tax relief 30%, canceled 50 yuan shall be exempted from tax). At the same time, the unified version of the system requires all enterprises (electricity supplier companies, payment companies, logistics companies) to do business filing, including the following points:

(1) the amount of tax guarantee to the company name;

(2) of the data (order / payment / logistics waybill) the relationship between 1:1:1, which is 1 orders corresponding to 1 single payment and 1 logistics waybill;

(3) declaration of the main body for the electricity supplier business / business platform or its agent;

(4) have qualified enterprises can send orders and payment;

(5) to be released after the positive list, the unified version of the system will cancel the record for the goods, the electricity supplier can be made on the online sale of goods pre arranged;

(6) four single data (order / payment / logistics waybill / list) are declared to the electronic port, logistics waybill data refer to the Hangzhou customs by landing with (four up) the company send electronic customs clearance service platform (Data Center) for checking through the customs clearance system, and the four single the docking of data to the customs unified version of the system, a unified version of the system returns to the audit information, the electronic port feedback to the business enterprise / business platform, payment and logistics enterprises; unified version of the cross-border electricity supplier of imported BBC and BC for


(7) or clear of purchasing obligations;

(8) ID authentication information specific to the official documents shall prevail, the electricity supplier will have the obligation to verify the order ID card information, such as the platform to identity information, order and payment requirements in strict accordance.

these sources warned that the electricity supplier companies around the re

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