Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang how to deal with micro blog the impact of traditional network community

November 18, 2011, iResearch Consulting Group held the annual summit meeting of the sixth session of the annual meeting at the Kerry Hotel Pudong, set the "new economy" and "electronic commerce" the two major themes of the venue, from the users perspective to explore business operations, marketing development, marketing and other aspects of the technology innovation network economy. Opportunities and challenges.

The rapid development of

the Internet economy in the industry caused a lot of thinking, back in 2011, how to interpret the development trend of e-commerce of traditional enterprises? The road to breaking out? E-commerce financing and valuation bubble? How to treat foreign investors Chinese Internet economy? How to interpret the hot trend of mobile Internet "SoLoMo & mobile commerce? What is the challenges and opportunities in new media era of integrated marketing industry will be more than? Hot issues at the sixth session of the Shanghai iResearch annual summit site by the guests to be answered, and the broad industry guests to share and discuss.

The following is

iResearch and Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang "traditional network community how to deal with the impact of micro-blog" this topic of the interview:


Moderator: Hello everyone, welcome to listen to the interview, we are now in the sixth annual meeting of the Ai Rui annual summit in Shanghai on the scene of the 2011. My side is the Comsenz CEO Mr. Dai Zhikang, wearing a total to everyone we iResearch netizens say hello.

Dai Zhikang: you Ai Rui net friend, everybody good.

anchor: as we all know, no one I do not know what Comsenz, after the acquisition of Tencent have recently been Comsenz

what changes?

Dai Zhikang: we have recently been in the field of open platform, and then in the SNS and social networking in this area, and then there is a lot of intersection with Tencent. Then it has produced some new products and new technologies of cloud computing and social network based on new, we hope to rely on the resources of the Tencent, the social network, micro-blog, cloud computing these things better integration into the community, to provide more value to the community website.

Moderator: Recently your life is not what change? From the original independent venture, to now have a parent company to behind the scenes, is not unlike a lot of decision before then free to do


Dai Zhikang: Yes, this is a process and a challenge that must be experienced. Of course, our team is good, the team before the small company, when their own business is often so frustrating. Because small companies rely on the rapid execution, small boat U-turn, rapid test, rapid to such a process of trial and error. So our team is still relatively embrace change, so nothing more than a change of this kind, so that the acceptance of the better.

host: you were very modest just now

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