Each year the most important internet report also says the industry’s best days are over

everyone uses a variety of Internet services, the next technology companies how to find new breakthroughs?

each year, the United States, the largest venture capital fund KPCB will publish a hundred pages of Internet trends report.

this series by KPCB partner Mary Meeker led the report, each year with hundreds of figures and charts to explain the development trend of the Internet industry. There is a China chapter by Hillhouse capital to participate in this year.

stock brokers and technology analyst from Mary Meeker, 1995 released a long report on Morgan Stanley, because detailed data and comprehensively, her and her report by technology companies and investment institutions sought to guide the industry trend is regarded as the "bible".

so it should be noted that, although the report contains a lot of data, but some of the companies mentioned in the report and the producers also have interests. For example, this year the report for example and promising Uber and Ctrip, in fact, are KPCB and Hillhouse capital investment in the company.

2001, Meeker was also considered to pass false information to mislead investors to buy shares and was indicted.

so we just picked up a few points "trend" in the Internet may be of interest to you, and try to find it and big companies recently dynamic relationship.

tone is that in the past year, in addition to individual emerging markets, the entire Internet world is slowing down the pace of growth, the most obvious to the number of smart phones.

in this context, hundreds of billions of dollars from the market value of science and technology giants, to just start startups, are looking for the next breakthrough.

Internet world is increasingly slow pace of

slowdown and decline this year, the Internet trend throughout the fact.

now has 3 billion of the world’s people using the Internet, this figure is still climbing, but the growth rate is declining.


finished the picture from the Tencent of science and technology

the same is true of the Chinese market.


corresponds to the fact that the world’s smartphone users and shipments are no longer rapid growth. Most adults have access to smartphones and the Internet, and many of them have not been used in extreme poverty and war.


from the operating system point of view, iOS and Android shipments while their average price also fell. This is a question, wisdom

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