Virtual police law enforcement report online clues have been investigated three thousand

  since, since April 14th this year, the Ministry of public security and other ten ministries jointly organized special action to combat Internet pornography law as of now, the Ministry of public security information network security alarm site received a total of 10200 people to report pornographic clues, verification, and 3000 up.

        according to the Ministry of Public Information Network Security Supervision Bureau official said today, before the end of the year, in addition to the original nine virtual police law enforcement pilot city, there will be hundreds of Internet developed city to carry out virtual police online public law enforcement.

        virtual police public security organs as the implementation of the Internet as a means of public management, public law enforcement, in the fight against Internet pornography crime and rectify the network order and standard network management, will play a deterrent, smooth Internet users reporting network crime, Internet propaganda warning from harmful information harassment role.

        open patrol purification network environment

        at present, there are 137 million Internet users in our country. The Internet has brought convenience to people’s lives, but also brought garbage. The Internet public information dissemination sites, forums, chat room management confusion; a few illegal personnel in the online dissemination of pornographic information, gambling, fraud, theft and other illegal and criminal activities; some netizens pursuit vulgar, on the Internet to indulge their own behavior, dissemination of harmful information.

        therefore, the public security organs of the Internet in accordance with the law to open management, it is imperative, although the Internet is a virtual world, and illegal land.

        in January 2006, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out the first Internet Public Management in the country, two police cartoon — male police "on the keyboard and mouse foot police police policewoman" Tsatsa "appeared in each big website, Shenzhen public patrol, accept netizens to report. The second half of 2006, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other eight Internet developed city, set up a virtual police, put into the overall framework of the social security administration management of the Internet, according to the public management of the internet. Since June 2006, Shenzhen and the eight pilot city has set up a "alarm box" in 2.6 local million websites, "virtual police" in the 18 thousand Forum on the public appearance of patrol, CO alarm to help people solve ten thousand times more than 7000, 1000.

        the emergence of virtual police, to solve the public security organs of the virtual society, the lack of public order management, greatly.

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