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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 21st news, quit the field of music, Baidu music to sell recently on Baidu music to sell more than the news, Baidu has not responded.

media reported that a recently by the Taihe rye, Haidie music, Dashi copyright jointly set up the company, will become the disk hand Baidu music, will take the tentacles from the music industry upstream, to the platform and distribution channels. Once the news is officially released, it will mean that Baidu has become the only one of the three BAT Internet music competition to quit the Internet giant.

in the industry view, this news is not surprising. On the one hand, Baidu has recently started stripping does not meet its long-term strategic business, on the other hand, Baidu music with long-standing cooperation. The general manager of Zhanhua Taihe afternoon in an interview with reporters on the news did not give positive confirmed, but did not comment on the status of both sides to avoid.

at present, ocean music, QQ music and music is the domestic music copyright Ali holds the three largest platform. In the BAT big three, Baidu did not participate in the competition and large-scale copyright hoarding, in the form of products is also worth mentioning that the online music seems to have mengshengquyi.

in July 8th this year, the State Copyright Bureau issued a notice, request the network music service before July 31st without authorization the spread of all music works offline, the period is 3 months, otherwise it will be severely punished according to law. Although the standardization process of the music market is a bit slow, the atmosphere is becoming more and more serious.

Many analysts believe that

model piracy environment set up based on Baidu music, perhaps is a major cause of competition in recent years has been negative, Baidu music does not really belong to build their own library, is to provide the service to provide music links, the links from unknown sources when being reported, copyright the platform can evade responsibility, delete the link on the line, also known as the safe haven principle. But with the increasingly stringent regulation of copyright, the edge ball operation mode has been difficult to work.

To the

online music industry legalization is irreversible, and genuine and operation more test platform resources and capital strength, the industry gradually become a giant game, this may mean that the reshuffle will accelerate the arrival of online music.

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