Free trial commodity website lost contact the user balance was frozen customer service no answer

called off home site, to attract users to free goods, but from the beginning of January this year, consumers Ms. Wang and several other users can not normally extract the account balance, or business cooperation deposit will be frozen, "testoff home customer service immediately lost. Recently, field visits found that "customer rights on behalf of the home office has gone.

many people can not extract the balance of

"testoff home users Ms. Wang told the Beijing morning news reporter, last November, after a friend introduced her to the first use of" testoff house ", was paid 2 yuan for a small sample table mat, after two or three months, and have successfully tried some other furniture products and health care products.

Wang introduced the "testoff house" trial process for consumers to apply, through the audit after the advance payment platform, businesses and consumers to pay margin delivery, receipt of goods, write down the experience, both sites were to return the money.

Ms. Wang said

, but from the beginning of January this year, the balance of more than one thousand yuan in their account can not be extracted, is always the ‘application’, and the general situation can be raised before a week". Almost and Ms. Wang also found abnormal users Liu and Mr. Yang et al. Yang said health care products, because each account balance is to be paid to pay the fee, we usually save together to mention".

contact customer service no answer

Mr. Yang also said that the cooperation with "testoff home", between funds more than 200 thousand yuan, has been very successful. At the end of last year, he paid 14 thousand yuan deposit suddenly froze, asking "testoff home customer service, the staff first said to wait for system maintenance, and finally no answer.


office is empty

users reflect Mr. Liu et al, "before the test" was called "Hey", but the "customer service hotline, telephone all the same". Mr. Liu said that the trier house registration from Xi’an to Liupanshui, 8 users on behalf of the Qingming Festival to use rights, but the office door locked. At present, they have to report to the police in Liupanshui.

some users through the forum, QQ group and so get in touch, ask each other that the same situation encountered in a small number of people. Consumers, said the victims across the country, a conservative estimate of thousands". According to incomplete statistics, currently unable to extract the amount of about 1 million 830 thousand yuan.

police confirmed investigation

Beijing morning news reporter yesterday contacted "testoff home" online customer service, but the chat window always pops "is now the automatic reply of non artificial Business Hours", call the 400 hotline has no answer. "Customer top home" website announced that due to business development, the company’s business to suspend rectification 2 to 3 days, is expected in April 9th to 10, returned to normal.


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