Those behind the rumor network platform push the circle what you don’t understand the new trend of

recently heard a wonderful micro-blog users, he constantly as we pulled out all kinds of wonderful Post Bar in many, you never know Post Bar circle, there is too much there is no bottom line, for example, what does the next turn, this gentleman micro-blog lengshi can give you a complete example of a simple summary said: you can think about guns, all kinds of abnormal behavior, he always found in a corner of Post Bar, then the exposure to you is.

micro-blog’s story tells us: in many corners of the network, there is always a lot of hidden user needs high circle.


in fish shrimp should also have a forum of the Internet era, the broad boundless sea, you can always find like-minded friends, to patriotism, to personal metamorphosis needs.

corner is chaos and black ash, in another can climb in good taste world, also the initiation of such a group of "you had not thought of" site types: rumor website, platform crackdown and so on.

said the rumor, must first talk about the Internet Era "rumors": the early fasting can not eat, can not drink fasting, a region into a thousand years of zombie meat, everyone should be careful to eat meat, play mobile phone to sleep at night is the missing child chronic Dutch act, so please (with an automatic forwarding under what advertising)…… Rumors continue to make you feel like you are living in an aquatic society, as long as one is not careful, it may automatically open the suicide function.

had married can trust on a network era network check almanac suddenly, you said today happy, he said today the unlucky network information era. For those with heart, professional and even life holds "serve the people" web entrepreneurs suddenly transition shortcuts, they turned to the form, to the ranking and flow from the content from the service.

so the rumor website appeared. But whether it is from the business model or the interest model, network rumor is just the beginning, said earnings are not, stand in the height of moral "rumor" website can not say to all kinds of "rumors" from a "protection fee"? Said truly realize the full site rumor, as long as a little afraid do not pay attention to will "fall" into a more professional "rumor" website.

but in any case, the rumor website has also appeared in the crackdown platform.

this is the first domestic crackdown, search website, said in September 19th this year on the line, just 3 days time, the site’s traffic has exceeded 2 million 800 thousand times. The website provides information input for the children of parents who have lost children, and provide the retrieval function, each search ads are with children’s portraits, welfare institutions and other contact details.

is a rumor, a crackdown, two seemingly unrelated websites, but from the nature of the "user needs" level, produce > Website

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