The nternet circle Microsoft help story big companies will die innovator of eternal life



] the some people say Microsoft is old, some people say it is not the year of the IT giant, but Microsoft help still, still in all areas of the Internet work, explore.

Sun Peng left Microsoft Asia Research Institute to join millet this event is both accidental and inevitable.

2010 in the final months of Microsoft, he become more aware of what you want to do for the China market down to earth mobile Internet products, more and more firmly realized that he could not achieve this desire in Microsoft. Even if it is not millet, he is bound to leave Microsoft, to join other mobile Internet Co.

chance is the process of his accession. By the end of 2009, he went to the United States Microsoft headquarters in Seattle on a business trip, a message was received at the Beijing Google Research Institute Lin Binfa came, asked "how recently, there is no time to meet together to talk?" this message is not to "implication, want to change jobs?" in fact, Lin Bin was already together with Lei Jun do mobile phone idea, is looking for people under four. When Sun Peng returned to Beijing for the first time Lin Binfa message, but that Lin Bin only in the afternoon time, so they are decisive meeting, then the two see Lei, Sun Pengcheng millet start-up staff.

that trip to the United States is the only time Sun Peng opened an international roaming, so received a text message from the Lin Bin, and they have the intersection of the two time and place only one afternoon met. Now, just today Sun Peng is a wrong thought in passing, may not sit in the millet office, which in some sense really changed people’s life and the world of the company.

is a combination of chance and necessity that shapes the world today. From the micro perspective of each individual, the world is accidental, but about the chance not only makes people sigh again is also difficult to have other evaluation, and the macro everything reveals the necessity of it, such as science and technology of multinational companies in China decline, the exodus of talent, Microsoft may be the the most typical.

this is the first giant to enter China, when the other giants in China only put a little finger, it even put down the whole foot. Even so, still can not stop people like Sun Peng from the necessity of it, because a trend which cannot be halted. The trend has played a decisive role in the individual choice, and leaving traces like water, along these traces back to see the trend, can help you at a critical moment to make more beneficial choices, because history is always a rhyme.

and Zweig said, make only superficial changes, made a comeback.

select Microsoft

2005 Sun Peng graduated from USTC graduate, in front of this year’s graduates have three choices, study abroad, or choose Shenzhen’s HUAWEI, ZTE and other IT companies, or Microsoft. In the field of software engineering,

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