Daily topic Taobao mobile phone ban WeChat jump link is based on security considerations

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 25th news, the war between Ali and Tencent continues to increase, following the link between WeChat blocked after the phone Taobao also blocked the WeChat. Taobao mobile phone has been shut down from WeChat to Taobao goods and stores in the channel, click on the entry of WeChat’s Taobao merchandise and store links, will jump to the phone’s Taobao download install page.

This Taobao

argument is given: for security reasons for the closure of WeChat channel for mobile phone Taobao, WeChat is the reason for closing the channel because of the recent large number of users reflect, they entered the shop by WeChat Taobao forged on the circle of friends or the marketing account sent money and click on the link, fall into the two empty trap. What is more, also mistakenly entered the shopping information containing "fishing links", directly taking away buyers payment account number and password, the stolen bank card money. All kinds of behavior, not only caused the loss of consumer property, but also a threat to the privacy and security of consumers. Closed WeChat channel is based on the protection of the user needs to determine the security point of view, by closing the WeChat channel, you can maximize the avoidance of consumer fraud, to prevent bad business fraud.

in this regard, Tencent official responded that, WeChat, easy letter, Line, including Ali’s own production and communication, the industry will be the community of each communication class App users have published links. Taobao this mandatory ban practice, hurt the user’s communication experience, regrettable. WeChat is an open platform, we and many B2C businesses have maintained good cooperation, to provide users with excellent experience".

for when to reopen the WeChat channel problem, the phone Taobao said it depends on when WeChat can make up their own security vulnerabilities, so that the interests of users no longer damaged. "WeChat is not safe one day, we do not open one day. We are only open to security."

many industry insiders believe that Taobao move should be to promote Ali’s instant messaging tool". Ali is a public product with WeChat "have to disassociate themselves:" small shrimp to share WeChat music function to share the "contacts"; "from" the cool disk also added to the share function; Sina micro-blog mobile phone client canceled share to WeChat, to and from the vacated position.

industry insiders pointed out that, in fact, both Ali and Tencent are aware of the other side of the ban may bring the user experience is poor, but this is the need for this stage of the struggle, is a short tactical needs. "Users in the future will likely have a WeChat mobile phone, Taobao, Yi Xin, a variety of channels, no one dare to let users have the ability to manufacturers, one of two or more, a. Mutual tolerance, mutual co-existence is the trend." Insiders pointed out. For a Internet Co, the protection of consumer privacy and security is always the first." Taobao mobile phone users also once again reminded that mobile shopping must be completed in the official system, strictly follow the transaction flow >

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