State Network letter office Sina Tencent and other sites to dispose of illegal accounts more than 6

National Network letter office: Sina, Tencent and other sites to dispose of illegal accounts more than 6

[TechWeb] February 27th news reports, "Internet user account name management regulations" will be implemented on March 1st, will be on the blog, micro blog, instant communication tools, forums, Post Bar, comments and other Internet information services in the use of all registered account name, picture and brief specification. At present, various Internet companies have begun self-examination, the state Internet Information Office official said, a number of Internet companies have recently handled more than 6 kinds of illegal accounts.

National Network Information Office official said, in the presence of various chaos user account name, picture and profile information, Sina micro-blog 5500 disposal of illegal accounts, such as fake government agencies to mislead the public "the Guangdong provincial government, the provincial government of Anhui Province, the spread of violent terrorist information" East Turkistan Islamic movement.

Tencent Inc dispose of WeChat, micro blog, QQ, four platforms in the space of the illegal accounts of the 25836, such as fake enterprises and institutions publish false information public account, China food safety net, etc..

Tianya forum, Katie community cancellation of registration of illegal accounts 447, such as counterfeit media in the name of false news, Xinhua news agency, CCTV focus interview, people’s network and other accounts.

account name management Alibaba established a special working group, special treatment, Taobao contacts, Ali Wangwang, Ali cloud forum, Ali Mama, small shrimp music, mobile phone assistant platform eight user account name. Easy letter, meter chat, unfamiliar street and other instant messaging business commitment, in accordance with the account ten requirements to promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, to protect the user’s social security.

February 4th, the national network information office issued the "Internet user account name management regulations", clear the Internet user account name may not appear in violation of laws and regulations, spreading rumors, pornographic and violent information and other nine kinds of situations. In the case of any of the above circumstances, the Internet information service provider shall take measures such as notice to make corrections within a time limit, suspend the use of the law, cancel the registration and so on. For fraudulent use, affiliates or celebrity registered account name, the Internet information service providers shall cancel the account. (Ming Yu)

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