Thousand Oaks happy network began to guide the user to everyone


NetEase science and technology news November 3rd afternoon news, thousands of oak’s happy network ( began to guide the user to transfer to everyone (

Thousand Oaks also released an official announcement to explain. Thousand Oaks, said the person who can still keep their own log in a thousand oaks happy online friends, logs and other information, the original oak happy network and Renren user information independently of each other. Each user can quickly switch between the original happy network and the identity of the Renren two. Two accounts can log on Renren, will not be lost, the user can use different passwords to account for the same name.

earlier, in October 26th, lasted a year and a half of genuine happy net "lawsuit first instance open verdict, sentenced to thousand oaks shall not use the" happy net "name, but still use the domain name, Thousand Oaks also sentenced to happy net compensation of 400 thousand yuan ( (Zhan Ping)

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