Broadcast and then hearing the case has no fierce battle Wang Xin is expected to be lenient punishme

"(the first time I was in court) I was paranoid that I didn’t commit a crime. But through such a long time of thinking…… I think we have some mistakes in this matter, the spread of pornographic video is an indisputable fact……"


fast broadcast and then hearing the case has no fierce battle Wang Xin is expected to be lenient punishment

Nora founder Wang Xin September 9th in the final statement of the trial pleaded guilty.

after a lapse of nearly 8 months, the three extension of time limit of Nora dissemination of pornographic materials case (hereinafter referred to as Nora jurisprudence case) in September 9th second trial. At the beginning of 2016, the first time after the end of the trial, because the case involves a wide range of hard evidence, the superior court January 15, 2016 approved by the Haidian court trial extended two months, March 26th and June 29th, the time limit was extended for 3 months.

September 9th hearing again the court did not hear the first session of the fierce debate and defense, did not plead guilty, replaced by a light defense of sin.

In the

part of the final statement, the whole almost never speak of Wang Xin, for allegedly distributing pornographic Nora video charges, clear pleaded guilty, also used the "necessary reflection", "paranoid that I had no crime".

is the same as the subject of Nora, Nora and Zhang Kedong, Niu Wenju also made it clear that executives pleaded guilty, in addition to a broadcast executive Wu Ming no objection to Nora’s crime, but defended its role.

so the case of concern, a huge impact, the Haidian court continued the trial of the first time at the beginning of the trial webcast style. From the Haidian court announced the trial record, the trial process is simplified, mainly is the defense attorney and the prosecutor on the part of the question is after the evidence, the parties to the criminal facts, sentencing statement issued by the views of the link.

evidence inquiry link, involving the four Nora server can serve as an effective evidence to carry out. In the first trial, the defendant believes that there are major flaws, seizure involved in four Nora server custody procedures, the original data may be destroyed.

since then, the Haidian court commissioned the national information center of electronic data forensic Center for four servers and storage content were tested.

before the trial debate, control the two sides have reached a great consensus

The September 9th

trial, defense lawyers and prosecutors summoned to the judicial appraiser field makes a brief inquiry, did not appear during the first trial of the "vomit Lotus", "talk rapidly".

the reason for this may be that the debate, the two sides before the trial on the facts of the case and the sentencing of the crime reached a lot of consensus.

The public prosecutor in the

statement links of words, and the Haidian court for the trial.

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