Daily topic hungry denied the merger with the United States intends to take independent development

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 12th news, since the merger meituan and after public comment, a hungry and the U.S. will continue to merge news. Yesterday, there are rumors that this month in the U.S. 18 group takeaway will be independent subsidiary identity and hungry held a news conference in Beijing, announced the merger with 5:5 convertible way.

with the usual hungry hungry denied the rumors, said on the news of the merger is purely out of thin air, serious misrepresentation, and said "this is a deliberate spreading of friends easily cause public opinion improper Lenovo pictures and information, confuse this kind of behavior is not very serious, hungry and difficult to understand sorry." Hungry, said that the future will remain independent development, and will continue to become bigger and stronger. Currently, the capital side is actively engaged with hungry, hungry for the future development of optimism.

analysis thinks, about the merger, hungry or not to anger unchanged, one reason may be hungry, the team is still young, young team with ideals, momentum, believe they may break out. And Zhang Xuhao said, has been listed on the agenda, and has also hired a listed trader experience CFO, is expected to be completed in 2018 prior to listing.

on the other hand, hungry has just recently received $630 million financing, no survival anxiety, and with the front of a wide public comment, the U.S. group, even Baidu Ali compared hungry this round of financing is only used to fight the takeaway market, the amount of money is relatively full.

in October 29th this year announced the hungry food supply B2B platform "dish" officially launched, users can buy daily necessities of rice grain egg on the platform, supply chain franchise, by the local specialty garden for direct support in the form of.

hungry launched "food" is taken by the Taobao platform mode, provides a trading platform for the seller and the buyer in the market, restaurants (i.e. the buyer) can choose every day near the sellers on the platform, single day store materials based on demand, similar to the Taobao shopping experience. The other end, there is food,  , will go to the original level, two, the wholesale market in the wholesale of these three, let them through the platform to reach the restaurant users, providing fresh raw materials wholesale services.

hungry in the whole area of local life, especially in the field, and other parties to the development direction and thinking is very different." Zhang Xuhao said. Take away from the trading platform, to the logistics and distribution platform, and then to the food supply chain, food, hungry what is seeking a differential development route, will focus on the service.

is in the whirlpool of public opinion, said Zhang Xuhao, do not go to make up some inexplicable ‘marriage’, put together out of ‘marriage’ is often the last painful price." He stressed that hungry independent development plan, as always, to solve the pain of food and beverage business, and businesses together >

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