Rich two generations to build a website with fire shop a few hundred days to click on the site

in the detention center, the suspect Sohn head is not willing to face the camera.

Jimo 29 year old Sohn is a "two rich generation", although he only junior high school culture, but in the home support office of the garment factory, opened a BMW car, become the object of envy of many of his peers, but he went astray…… From the beginning of September, Sohn rented a foreign server opened 13 yellow sites, relying on pornographic movies, pictures and novels to earn hits, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting their own clothing brand. December 19th, the reporter learned from the Jimo Public Security Bureau, after more than half a month of investigation and evidence collection, the task force will eventually Sohn captured, successfully cracked the online dissemination of pornographic materials case. Currently, Sohn has been under criminal detention.


cell is hiding a "Transnational Online YANWO"

November 13th, Jimo Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau of Qingdao City Police Detachment brigade received notification, in their jurisdictions hidden more than and 10 pornographic websites, behind the boss is likely to be hiding in a residential area of Jimo, the Council will indicate the online dissemination of pornographic material found in early profit case to the Jimo Municipal Public Security Bureau for investigation. Jimo Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the case, the rapid establishment of a network of police, public security, police, legal and other departments to set up a task force investigation.

, we cooperate with Jimo police network, quickly mastered the suspect’s criminal facts." Jimo public security police said, police brigade in the network to collect the facts of the crime suspect, the police brigade in the periphery of exploration, investigation, the site is located in the United States, the site has a large number of pornographic videos, pictures, text.

these more than and 10 porn sites use the same server, through the analysis, we judge the boss behind the site is likely to be a person." Police investigators said. The police after a number of visits and investigations, quickly locked home in Jimo Tongji Street Sohn for the case of criminal suspects, suspects are very cunning, every position is not fixed, bring great difficulty to the case.

In order to prevent the

after two days and two nights act rashly and alert the enemy, squatting, the suspect Sohn finally appeared, the residence and the location of the regular activities also surfaced. In November 29th 10 pm, police task force in Jimo City, Tongji Street office "a clothing Limited company" Sohn captured successfully.

yellow net management is a rich two generation

"I made what law, why did you catch me?" by Sohn has several criminal convictions, have certain anti detection capabilities, at the beginning of the review refused to explain the facts of the crime, the review work was stalled.

the police task force after three days and nights of wits, in the face of strong evidence, a confession of the sun began with his website since 2012 January, and in September the use of the Internet has opened a pornographic network

station 13, to the user, pictures, novels and other movie dissemination of pornographic articles. "

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