Career let passion ignited by the reality out

joined in the army, and then left us. I, for you to stay silent; continue to struggle, I salute you,


twenty-first Century, the site began to erupt, especially China website, one by one, the first few years of the twenty-first Century day have overnight overnight, the strange name began to familiar to us, in the heart of passion


NetEase Ding Lei, SINA of, SOHU,, Alibaba……………

from the beginning of their passion ignited by us, the future owners do not sit, I also want to have their own website, become a dream of a pursuit, "web site" by eruption, began a network of universal time, great dreams with great era began, we started the unremitting efforts and pursuit, day and night, boil red eyes, test procedures, data processing, we all want to be a hero in the NASDAQ listed next, we all want to change the world…………


world is indeed changing in our dreams, and China’s Internet is beginning to flourish. The network began to enter the lives of ordinary Chinese people and families, everyone for the Internet brought him (her) and excited. The Internet is crazy, the site is crazy. Another site began, more than we can statistics, real life began to be replaced by the network, a large number of information and information began to be crazy piled up on the website, search engine to China concept began to people’s brain. The rise of Baidu, the network crazy, the site sealed off. China website did not know what started with the search engine and live, more accurate to say that most rely on Baidu live, Robin Li did not know what time quietly on the throne, began to control the site of the reins, we start looking at Lee’s face and alive, who knows what day he is not happy K your hard struggle dozens of day and night construction site, the most important is that you have a complaint, you can only speak to themselves, with their own to say, come back, I was ready to zero, then this set foot on the journey to do station.

dream is beautiful, the reality is cruel! When you keep a website for 3 months and 10 Fen of the income, what will you do; when you do website, 2 months have not been approved by the General Lee valuable advice how to do when your site included; IP and PV continue to rise, you the passion again excited, suddenly give you K out, what will you do? All the beautiful dream has supported our tireless forward and then all the money, the cruel reality tells you to give up to go to work. The past is not a word, called "the atomic bomb, rather than to sell tea bomb! Now I have to tell you," the personal station, rather than to sell Salted Duck Egg! I’m not to fight who, when the reality is that, indeed, the reality is cruel, I am serious choice by yourself! To say, insist to the end, to find a station to sell Salted Duck Egg, it is earned "

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