Hundreds of cases of police assault cyber crime focused on three counts

August 25-26 day, many provinces and cities issued a recent police crackdown on the situation of the network of criminal cases. With the disclosure of the case, the police how to conduct illegal investigation of social networks and social management, is becoming a more dominant topic.

actually, by the Ministry of public security and police deployed around the strike against Internet rumors pass rumors and other criminal acts of the large scale action can be traced back to at least June this year.

, however, the frequency of recent open cases has indeed risen. After August 20th, Qin fire fire and several other Internet Celebrities Beijing jingfangxingju because of rumors and other acts, 25 on the website of the Ministry of public security and two bursts of network crime case report.

August 26th Shanghai police disclosed that "the ‘mistress’ manufacturing report deputy governor, the Secretary of public security", "Sinopec" African cowboy door "and other rumors Fu Xuesheng, Shanghai city public security organs according to detention.

The use of

network release negative Posts pressure acquisition network broke the news people hush money "Zhou Lubao on suspicion of the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on Jiangsu police have been legally approved the arrest.

25, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog announced that the new express reporter Liu Hu on suspicion of manufacturing spread rumors, Beijing police have been under criminal detention according to law.

Shanxi provincial public security department provides news, since June 25th, the province began to focus on network crimes against regulation, as of August 15th, all kinds of network cracked 144 criminal cases, criminal detention of 49 people, the punishment of 29 people, arrested 23 people, to guide Internet service units to clean up the Internet illegal and harmful information 5148. According to Shanghai police, since this year the city’s public security organs have been dealt with according to the network rumors pass rumors of more than 380 cases, more than 170 people.

newspaper reporter statistics show that the existing cases, the local public security organs to investigate and deal with cybercrime cases can be divided into three categories: the release of false information on the Internet, online extortion and fraud. The network of "acting", "V" treatment caused a public discussion more.


two cases of criminal suspects because of alleged crimes and fraud and blackmail and impose exactions on criminal detention. But on the Internet rumors, the police are not the same qualitative: for most fabrication or distortion of facts, deliberately spread rumors or by other means to incite to disturb social order, will carry out administrative detention on the parties in accordance with the provisions of Security Administration Punishment Law Article nineteenth; "Qin fire fire" made two and four "and" new Express "reporter Liu Hu three people on suspicion of affray crime and criminal detention, two people also suspected of the crime of illegal business.

police are also summing up the profitability of such cases. Shanghai police concluded that the network rumor case investigation in a Internet marketer PR company organized by post, delete, speculation and rumors to reap economic benefits due to personal problems; rumors of micro-blog take revenge; "V" in order to win the eye, making silk powder release > rumor

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