Taobao to support large businesses have been besieged incident interpretation why always happen


for the first time Taobao suffered a collective siege event playback:

October 10, 2011, Taobao released the "2012 China Merchants mall renewal and rule adjustment notice", from January 1st next year, will improve the original businesses need to pay 6000 yuan per year technical service fee to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades. At the same time, businesses pay default margin also increased from the original 10 thousand yuan to $50 thousand, $100 thousand, $150 thousand, only a few major categories to pay $10 thousand.

Taobao settled in the transfer of the mall margin and technical service fee policy, and immediately attracted small businesses collective retaliation. In October 11th 9 pm, by the electricity supplier group internal notification, thousands of small businesses and their employees a total of nearly 7000 people, divided into 70 executive group, organized at the start of the starry, Ou Sha, UNIQLO Taobao mall big sellers attack, a short period of time on the captured goods, apply for a refund and to the poor…… These businesses are forced to sell goods shelves, in order to express dissatisfaction with the Taobao mall. Zhang Yong disclosure, a total of ten sellers were malicious attacks. On the morning of October 12th, there are thousands of small sellers attack Taobao through the popular keywords Taobao and Juhuasuan".

second Taobao suffered a collective siege event playback:

On December 3, 2013 at

, a well-known electricity supplier in micro-blog broke the news, said nearly 3000 people besieged the starry, finally UNIQLO, the camel has been involved. A few minutes later, the starry founder Zhao Yingguang micro-blog Tucao said: "at present in the QT voice room [71850705], has gathered more than 4 thousand people, is to attack our shops, including our hot shot off the shelf, click on our train, attack our customer service, reportedly because of Taobao against false trading discontent, there are many ways of communicating, must through this hurt other businesses, threatening the platform way? No hooliganism, moral bottom line for this contempt!"

on the Taobao big sellers were attacked by things outside There were many discussions. That caused by events that Ali mother Tao; Han clothing Ma behind the investment industry; there is a Japanese brand UNIQLO said. In fact, this is the reason why most make groundless accusations, the truth is because Taobao is currently in the fight against false trading, honest business related support.

why again and again, and the occurrence of similar Taobao three large businesses were besieged incident I think there are several reasons:

(1) Taobao disposal too suddenly alongside former now small businesses unwilling to burn the bridge after crossing it is not willing to


(2) lack of control ability even if the era of big data should be a smooth transition but not overnight angered small businesses

(3) Taobao did not according to the first days after the siege should be planning to create homes

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