Her version of stationmaster a little trick to attract Baidu spider

Good water although do stand don’t drop, but because all day and male webmaster contact, by their edification can learn a lot of things. A while ago, when Jack was still working at Xiao Shenyang, I found that he had a link to his post at the back of the forum’s signature. Jack told me that Admin5’s forum is very tough, he left a signature in the signature ad, Baidu spider climbed second days. It’s more useful than leaving a link in the back. Now many webmaster forum in the Admin5 character signature left ad, and then went to the fire to the top of the post, I believe they have tasted the sweetness. There are many owners do not know, but repeatedly send their own link posts, it is time and energy consuming. The female version of the webmaster at the top of the post, do not know to leave a link, just a simple top posts. This approach, good water was moved, but we do know that station is not easy, so, as a female version of bamboo, good water to encourage female owners to leave their ad, so good water in this release this attract Baidu spider little trick, is to let the female version of Webmaster Station to go a little trick. The following is the specific steps, because the girls are not very clear to these, so good water to speak carefully. Of course, the men must have known, don’t boo. Good water in this just goddaughter webmaster. Female owners have their own ID in Admin5, ID behind the personal space, click enter, select the top of the personal information, personal data editor, click on the upper right corner of the selection of personalized information, add your website in the personal signature in Chinese last name and link address code mode, Discuz! You can. After your English has its own site, even if you don’t have time to reply, because of their links to your character signature, Baidu spider will soon climb. Discuz! The code model can be made in English, must remember to add color bold, this success rate will increase!               on the last female webmaster asked me, what is soft Wen, good water sweat. The last time, the woman asked me what is ad, good water and sweat. Simple demonstration. Said to do, now is the time for AD, and Chinese               female version of link http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-264903-1-1.html            

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