Amazon with artificial intelligence to achieve new retail ma Dad how to deal with

in 2016 cloud habitat conference, Ma said: the next 30 years, e-commerce will soon be eliminated, replaced by the new retail, the future will be the integration of online and offline logistics and new retail battlefield.

what is the new retail? Ali and Chengdu – type living museum a new retail store sales pilot: goods and price of all goods online, no price tag through the scan code to pay. But such "retail" always make people feel strange. "If you want to know the price need to login online inquiries, in addition, since both to the store are only

mobile payment?

electricity supplier giant Amazon with advanced artificial intelligence to tell us what is the real new retail. In the Amazon’s new retail entity convenience provider Amazon go, there is no waiter, no cashier, consumers do not have to queue into the store checkout, take it away.

this includes the most advanced black Technology: consumers into the business overtime, with the phone sweep code into the gate to log on to their ID, and then free to choose goods. After the camera using the "face recognition" and "sensor technology" to identify the people who take away the goods, is determined to take away or picked up and put back. After determining the real intention of consumers, the information will be transferred to the cloud, the purchase of goods automatically added to the consumer side of the Amazon APP shopping cart.

consumers leave the shop, sensor automatic notification system for the purchase of goods for settlement. Shopping list can be automatically generated in the mobile terminal, list items, display the amount spent.

is really cool!

makes full use of artificial intelligence Amazon go not only saves manpower cost, more fast and convenient shopping experience, big data of electronic payment for customers to write accurate portrait of the side of the business, to provide the basis for the sale and purchase strategy is superior to the traditional physical retail incomparable. The latest data show that the retail giant Amazon’s current market value has reached $390 billion, more than the United States in the top eight of the total market capitalization of traditional physical retailers.


is the new trend of the largest retail line under the combination of previous e-commerce and traditional business entities mmet, rush state shift will also be denied. Business and commercial entities under the line from the original lack of coordination and conflict, to mix with the fusion; to meet consumer demand through efficient and convenient, intuitive experience mode, in order to achieve the upgrading of consumption. In management, it is equivalent to the personalized, accurate big data analysis customer management system to join the existing ERP system, the customer to do precise marketing and maintenance.


needs to have a super good IT team, and very large data center for large data analysis. Taobao currently has the online data, but Amazon go is already open up online and offline, open a new retail precedent! Has entered the era of big data now, and in the future will also be interdisciplinary competition, who can collect the most.

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