What are the skills to open the store opening

some shops appeared market quickly recognized, and even some shops are already on the market and business for a long time is still unknown, although there are many factors of the decision, but this shop appearance also have a great relationship. Everything is hard in the beginning, the store opening is the same, if successful, the future business will be easier to do. So how to open the store opened on the same day?

should be an occasion to force

each store, the first day of the opening activities should strive to design novel and unique, distinctive, flat, similar to avoid dilution. The opening activities have characteristics, the time should be good at combining stores opened at social events, leveraging force. This is to solve the opening activities dull, to avoid the same appearance of the fundamental.

For example

Hangzhou a silk goods store in the opening period is just the "Super Girls" in Hangzhou District, so the silk goods store boss come up with such a trick: all through the preliminary round of the "Super Girls" can be opened in the store on the same day, to the store from a selected item, no matter how much the value, are free. Silk shop owner of this trick, it is really 42 pounds.

is expected to store owner, the boss just wanted to borrow these girls to expand the influence of store, because I did not expect Super Girls’s collective presence, attracted the whole Hangzhou to the mainstream media are moving up. The second day, the mainstream newspapers are illustrated for the silk goods store to do a lot of reports.

In fact, the

marketing occasion and a lot of opportunities, in addition to life fashion, but also by day, the political and economic situation, social concern and attention of the public the major social events, ethnic customs and allusions, celebrities or authority organization etc.. But to borrow naturally, just right, the public will not be on the alert to resist the heart, so as to achieve the purpose of "false".

to learn not to speak in business

shop at the opening event, its purpose is to let more consumers cognitive stores or enterprise products, to expand the social influence, thus opening day activities must seize the consumer psychology, with interest, to get attention, influence. Although the consumer has attention to novelty psychology, but many of the stores opened up and operation activities as one falls, another rises, retrofit, until then continued, the consumer excitement has been gradually kill.

how benign and healthy business of the store activities to arouse consumers’ attention and interest, is not only a problem, store business planning activities at the same time, the store also to attention, have a correct understanding of the influence, visibility and reputation of the same can not be ignored.

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