These things don’t mix wise remark of an experienced person and relatives

many investors feel that relatives are more reliable people, with relatives to do business, is not more convenient? In fact, this understanding is wrong. If you want good relations with your relatives and relatives, these things don’t mix, sentence wise remark of an experienced person, truth.

1, do not help relatives fry

made feel so much you earn as before blowing, lost left turn, take the time to take the effort does not fall.

2, don’t do business with relatives

the reason ibid, and listen to who listen to who? Aunt, two uncle to help, who not who?

3, don’t lend money to relatives

can also be said not to find relatives to borrow money. As the saying goes, better than distant neighbors, relatives and old friends than know too much, the problem is between friends for money to tear John face big deal, the New Year holiday with relatives how to do?

4, do not give relatives guarantee

5, and other relatives spell things

6, do not find relatives when the intermediary

7, do not find relatives when suppliers

8, don’t live too close to

9, don’t hire relatives

regardless of the size of the enterprise, no matter how capable relatives, in addition to inherit his father must have it, other relatives can also have other competent personnel. Otherwise, the balance of contribution and reward is always wrong. Similarly, do not go to the relatives of the enterprise work (except state-owned enterprises Kazakhstan, which is the country’s business is not a relative).


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