Take you to eat the whole Korean cuisine

China Korean wave has been for many years, the Korean Chinese received young people warmly pursued at the same time, South Korea also features a variety of culture in the subtle influence of Chinese, which is one of the influential delicacy of character. In Chinese Korean snack varieties, single on full and authentic well is this one.

kiumi Korean rice cake Hot pot

delicious is the kingly way. To bring the menu, it is rich and diverse, with a variety of series, such as rice cake kangjiaai Hot pot series, Korean cuisine dishes series, Korean miso soup series, dolsot bibimbap series, a series of lucky meters and delicious fried cake series, Fu Yun Korean pancake series, Korean kimbap series and so on. This small series made a difficult, what to eat good? The waiter seemed to see my doubts and said, "would you like a copy of our flagship product, it will taste rice cake Hot pot? Chinese Korean rice cake with the Hot pot together, both to ensure the authentic Korean rice cake, and China special elements the people eat very satisfied." That being the case, it’s


less than ten minutes, Korean rice cake Hot pot on the side on the android. The appearance is very striking, the color is bright, the utensil has the design sense very much. The rice cake and other ingredients into the Hot pot, not for a while they cooked, small series can not wait to eat up! The taste is really good! Than many ate before with Korean restaurant brands to eat too much! First of all, it is a material of high quality, very fresh; secondly, it is the taste of the sauce not so with the nose, Chinese taste.

in small series delicacy not exclusive, of course, want to share with you a. According to the story, kiumi Korean rice cake Hot pot has opened more stores in major first-tier cities, go see you have a delicacy store that, your favorite Korean delicacy here all have


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