These are small commodities double egg Festival tremendous business opportunities

tomorrow is Christmas, and then a few days to the new year’s day, in the occasion of the carnival Festival, there are opportunities everywhere! So for those who want to earn a small amount of business, in the double egg festival which small commodities will be more popular? Let’s take a look.

1, decorative gift – Christmas tree

2, key buckle

key buckle is also an ornament, the workmanship is very exquisite keychain, Christmas will be sold!

3, Christmas socks, Christmas hat

the Christmas stocking is to be used to install a gift, they will be at their socks hanging in the bed, waiting for the morning of the second day gifts.


string lights

lights string color pure light, very suitable for various places, festivals, wedding background layout, karaoke, concerts, theatre, dance halls, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, windows, shops, Home Furnishing etc..

5, a variety of other small gifts

light products, with a fantastic visual experience, is Christmas and the new year, Spring Festival and other festivals, to carry out recreational recreational activities ideal entertainment activities.

like Christmas or new year’s day, when people are revelry, and businesses can also use the festive atmosphere for a small fortune. Do not look at these small gifts inconspicuous, but very warm ah, especially nowadays young people, in the festival to buy some small gifts is very necessary. Want to make a small profit in this double egg Festival merchants who, seize the time to prepare it!


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